Weekend Brunch #4: Eggs Royale with Skinny Hollandaise


I’m not afraid to admit that it wasn’t until I moved to London that I tried hollandaise sauce. Hollandaise sauce joined a fairly large list of ‘things Mandi knew about but never got around to trying until she moved to the Big Smoke’ which also includes £15 cocktails,  getting off the bus without saying ‘thank you’ and Thai take-away food.


The problem with hollandaise sauce, of course, is that it’s basically butter and egg yolks. While this sounds pretty much perfect to me, I recognise that this probably isn’t appropriate for continued and prolonged brunching. After some extensive google-consultation on the best pseudo-cream ingredient to use, CB and I concocted this recipe, whipped it up and happily indulged. It’s extremely flavoursome, tastes rich, and is very low calorie. You can pretty much forget about the real stuff!


We added a couple of big flavours to this – tabasco and lemon rind. When we tasted throughout the process, we thought we’d made a huge mistake but it was the opposite – having sharp flavours that cut through the creamy richness of yoghurt and egg yolk makes for a perfect bedfellow to two pillowy poached eggs. We were very generous with the sauce – with more conservative serving, we could’ve easily stretched to 3 portions. Fresh OJ, the weekend papers and your favourite pyjamas are absolute requirements to enjoy this meal.

Serves 2


For the Hollandaise Sauce
1 egg yolk
1/2 cup of 0% fat Greek Yoghurt (a 170g carton will do)
2 tsp dijon mustard
1 tsp chopped fresh dill (or to taste as it’s quite strong)
1 tsp chopped fresh parsley
juice and rind of 1/4 lemon
a dash of hot sauce/tabasco
salt and pepper to taste

For the eggs
4 eggs
2 muffins
smoked salmon
chopped dill to serve


    1. Mix all of the hollandaise sauce save for the lemon juice into a heat proof bowl. Place bowl into a shallow pan half full of simmering water, so the water comes about half way up the bowl (but isn’t lifting it off the bottom of the pan).
    2. In the meantime, poach your eggs using the usual method. Toast the muffins. Butter them if you like (not totally necessary but some habits die hard for me) and then place the smoked salmon on top.
    3. Top this will the poached eggs. Switch off the water which is heating the hollandaise sauce and immediately add the lemon juice and stir briskly. Cover the eggs with lashings of the hollandaise and serve immediately with a large glass of pulpy orange juice.

Sending this one over to Fiesta Friday, Mouthwatering Mondays! and Tuesday’s Table

Author: Mandi

Twentysomethings in London trying to recreate some of the magic of professional cooking with a fraction of the budget and none of the skill.

19 thoughts

  1. Genius, why have I never thought of this? I bet the yogurt gives slightly more umami tang to the sauce than the standard version. It’s very appreciated that you made something so last-minute-labor-intensive (in that you can’t make it hours ahead and let it sit!) festive and special branchy dish for all of us. I absolutely love benedicts, they always make me feel like I’m on vacation or at my Aunt’s in Pennsylvania for Christmas (she used to make benedict for Xmas morning . . . for like 45 people!). Thank you for bringing to the party and have a fabulous weekend!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! That egg looks gorgeous and I can’t get enough of egg yolks 😀 And to top it off with a healthified hollandaise sauce? I feel so spoiled this Fiesta Friday!

  3. oh I would never have thought that skinny and Hollandaise would go together but this looks delicious, and genius! Thanks for sharing, yum! 🙂

  4. I hadn’t even thought that hollandaise could be skinnified!! Does the bowl sit right inside, touching the bottom of the pan full of water? And doesn’t everyone everywhere thank the bus driver when they get off?!!

    1. Selma, I feel you’ve raised some really relevant questions!

      1. It absolutely can be skinnified although I was as shocked as anybody to find that it actually worked! I will basically never go back to ‘real’ hollandaise again!

      2. The bowl does sit right inside the pan – you want one which will hold water which comes at least half way up the bowl. I deliberately used a nice heavy bowl so it would stay at the bottom of the pan.

      3. I thought so, until I moved to London and had to gently be told not to be so lame! Couldn’t believe it!

      Thanks for stopping by, Selma!

      1. I always thank the driver if it;s late and there aren’t too many people on the bus – other wise it’s just feels weird shouting out Thank you from the middle of the bus when it’s so crowded!!

  5. This is the second recipe I have tried from Madavocado and boy it did not disappoint! This was the perfect guilt free Sunday brunch and so simple to make, plus most of the ingredients were already hiding in my fridge! My fiance likes to think hes a foodie and even he couldn’t tell the difference! Thanks Mandi and CB for your delicious blog…keep them coming!

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